Taking the color preference as an expression of a basic disposition of the vital force, then the handwriting being a structural aspect of one's personality becomes an ideal complementation. Thus the handwriting may become a valuable symptom for the selection of the homeopathic remedy. It enhances the chance to find a true simillimum. The homeopathic physician Hugbald Volker Müller collected handwritings from all his patients. He found that people who respond well on the same remedy also present similar handwriting patterns. We are about to publish a book of typical handwritings and their corresponding remedies, which will allow for the first time to use this easily accessible symptom as an indication for a larger number of homeopathic medicines.

Those who have experienced how useful the handwriting can be to find the simillimum do not want to miss the help of such symptoms any more.

The following comparison of 6 selected handwritings, 3 samples of zincum and 3 of baryta, will easily reveal the common traits. Whereas baryta handwritings appear small and somewhat clumsy, handwritings of zincum patients exhibit excessive ascenders und partly also descenders and appear like blades of grass in the wind uniformly directed to the right.